When and where did the Illuminati originate?

October 13, 2008

The Illuminati, also known as leaders who supposedly make every major decision that happens in the world in hope of complete world conquest, was founded on May 1st, 1776, by Adam Weishaupt. Weishaupt, a Jesuit, founded the organization of the Illuminati in order to abolish monarchies and all ordered governments, private property and inheritances, patriotism and nationalism, and religion (Trainor). Unlike several accounts of the Illuminati, the Bavarian Illuminati, founded by Weishaupt, is a factual group in history (Maxwell). Weishaupt’s idea for the Illuminati was to create a new world order. No, not the WWF’s New World Order shown below (although I’m sure there are some conspiracies somewhere out there about them).



The goal of the Illuminati, as a new world order, was to conquer nations one by one, ultimately takings over the world. If this sounds familiar, it is. Have you ever heard of Adolf Hitler? Jordan Maxwell states that all communism derives from the Bavarian Illuminati in his self-narrated film The Matrix of Power. Among many other things, one of the most trivial points Maxwell made was the barefaced symbolism on the back of the United States, mint-printed one dollar bill. Unannounced to millions who slip their ones into vending machines everyday is the symbol of the Illuminati. The Latin words below the bill can be translated to “A New World Order.” Printed in Roman Numerals, the date at the base of the pyramid is 1776; this was the year Weishaupt founded the Illuminati (Maxwell). So you ask yourself, “Is this a coincidence or not?”




The second picture of the seals on the back of the one dollar bill also shows that the stars are in the shape of another symbol representing the Illuminati. In trying to piece everything together, I realized that this symbol, The Star of David, was worn by the Jews during the Holocaust and is a symbol often used by Illuminati theorists. The Jewish people in Germany didn’t wear the star because they wanted to, it was forced upon them by communist leaders so the Nazi’s could distinguish that they were Jews. So, if you believe that the Illuminati really have affected what happened in the world, here is a possible link to communism.

Would you say it is possible that there is a group that figuratively hides under the cover of shadows and controls our government with a final goal of a new world order and possible world conquest? Imparted with my new knowledge of how the Illuminati began and the things it relates to, I asked this question to my fellow classmates, none of whom were informed of any of my prior information, in order to accomplish a bar graph shown below.

Upon analysis of the data, their responses could be broken down to three reasonable answers. From the 25 “I Don’t Knows” (IDK’s), you could infer that one of two things: either people don’t care about what happens in their lives if it doesn’t directly affect them (see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil),or they don’t care enough or are too indecisive to answer a question. The “IDK’s” could be considered an outlier in this data if it was necessary to get to the raw material, but the, figuratively speaking, IDK’s or IDC’s (I Don’t Cares) of our society could in fact be the ones allowing this order to exist. I found it somewhat surprising that fifteen students said “Yes” and only seventeen said “No.” A lot of things have changed since the days when everyone trusted the government; however you still have a majority of people that just don’t concern themselves with anything but everyday life, which may be the driving force behind the Illuminati, assuming it exists.


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